The Grey Space

Ethereal Music x Fata-Morgana x Clubhopping

With Ethereal Music and Fata-Morgana we want to explore different continents and universes in a mini-festival during Clubhopping The Hague 2019 in The Grey Space in the Middle. Through Music, art and food we want to welcome you on a journey that will stimulate all senses.

The exhibition on the ground floor will gather artists from all over Europe, alumni from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague - KABK Den Haag and from the Willem de Kooning Academy(Rotterdam). It will be a mixed-media exhibition, focused on self expression and individual sense exploration. It includes artists and designers in the field of fine arts, interactive media design, graphic design, photography and more.

Art program (Ground floor):
- Ziko Assink (Collaborative Installation with Pim Kerssemakers), Netherlands
- Jean-Baptiste Castel (Animation Projection), France
- Lara Bruggeman (Installation + Projection), Netherlands
- Malou Bumbum (Performance), Denmark
- Nina Catharina Markus (Animation Projection), Netherlands
- Yaroslav Chatchanjan (Performance), World Citizen
- Berk Duygun (Installation), Turkey
- Pim Kerssemakers (Collaborative Installation with Ziko Assink), Netherlands
- Aliaksandra Pirazhenka (Installation + Projection), Belarus
- Irene van Aarle (Art Showcase), Netherlands
- Stefano Zucchini (Sonicology), Argentina

Music program (Basement) hosted by Ethereal Music:
Alexis Le-Tan (Bahnsteig 23 / Idle Press) [FR]
Loma Doom (TNPM) b2b The social lover (BAKK/ Rubber)
E.S.S (Ethereal Music)
Cen Giz (Music for Nightshops) b2b Lin Tonic (MONO / LOKA)
Grosheid (Reefer Madness)

Food by:
De Vegetarische Toko
Black Mamba’s BBQ

Pop-up record shop by:
Espresso Records
music by Doktoro

Lights and visual effects by:

Clubhopping The Hague 2019, Submarine Den Haag, Espresso Records, De Vegetarische Toko, Fata-Morgana, The Grey Space in the Middle, Numtek